"dpkg was interrupted" - how to fix it [SOLVED]

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at s7.dion.ne.jp
Tue Feb 16 05:17:59 UTC 2010

steve reilly さんは書きました:
> like jeff said, but dont type it yourself, you may be adding in spaces 
> or deleting spaces where you need... or dont need them....
Ctrl+Alt+F1 --> took me to the console
Login: myname
PW: xxx
Enter: "sudo ..."
followed by that "sorry" portion
PW: enter xxx again
Computer did something
after a while that something stopped.
then I entered the next command: sudo apt-get -f install
(in that console I was NOT able to switch to other screens and copy, so 
I had to enter the commands)
Again: Computer did something (with a percentage counter running)
Below that a lot of text that did not display properly (a bunch of 
boxes, above that was English text), so I don't know what was asked,
but at the end there was the choice [Y/N]
I chose [Y]

The computer did something more and then went back to that
"Login: " line.
Since I could not find out ("exit" did not work) how to leave that 
I used "Ctrl+Alt+delete" and the computer rebooted.

Now synaptic seems to be running fine. (no error messages)
Thank you.

Next thing, I would like to ask 1-2 questions about Synaptic, but I am 
afraid before that I will have to work the rest of the day ...

In the hope, I rendered the process correctly ...
Thank you again


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