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Robert Swanson mapa-kettle at
Thu Feb 11 01:48:32 UTC 2010

> > Is that really true? I always thought that Linus Torvald was the
> > originator of Linux, a term which comprised an amalgamation of his name
> > and Unix (which is still used by the banks as the most secure OS on the
> > planet).
> > Am I totally off track?

	Linus was special to computing because he was the key to getting a working 
*Nix system for the x86 processors.  He was the person who wrote the majority 
of the code for the original kernel.  He also controlled the development of 
the kernel and determined what would be included in the kernel to ensure that 
it didn't become bloated.
	For the sake of completeness  I just want people to be aware that GNU wasn't 
just available tor the mainframes,  I was running GNU Unix on an Amiga 2000 
back in the mid to late 80's.  There is a large repository of GNU programs 
that were ported to the Amiga, but were always distributed with the source 
code.  I still have more than 20 CDs of GNU programs for the Motorola 68K 
	During the installation in the Amiga, the kernel was compiled from source, to 
take advantage of any hardware or later main processor upgrades. and the 
programs worked very well.  ( There was also a Unix version of the Amiga 
called the A2500).

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