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Thu Feb 11 01:26:21 UTC 2010

On Wed, 10 Feb 2010, Rashkae wrote:
>> On Wed, 10 Feb 2010, Rashkae wrote:
>>> KAYVEN RIESE wrote:
>>>> On Wed, 10 Feb 2010, Tom H wrote:
>>> That does not take care of policy-kit however, which is a different
>>> kettle of fish entirely.  Policy-kit are mostly those windows that have
>>> an "Unlock" button.  Probably the easiest way to prevent your user
>>> password from unlocking those is to remove your user from the "Admin'
>>> Group,, but be certain that your root password, su and gksu are working
>>> as you expect fist.
>> That sounds scary, because won't that mean that when I start up Gnome
>> (er.. it starts up on boot) and log in as my mere user (as I am supposed
>> to for security reasons) and then fire up terminals that use the
>> /etc/passwd entry for my mere user to decide start up shell, these
>> terminals will not be able to jump to root? That's not what I want if
>> that's the case.  If I am confused, feel free to explain.
> Or you know, since you don't have have quite as much old school set ways
> as I first assumed, you can just do it like the cool kids and rely on
> one password for your user account also acting as super-user password.
> I'm too drunk to get into more details tonight,, if you do decide to
> pursue and experiment (really, what have you got to loose), I would
> suggest not bothering with anythign Karl adds to the discussion...
> that's my last word of sage suggestions.

Okay, having reviewed Karl's contribution, there doesn't seem to be much 
danger of that, it isn't like he gave me anything concrete to work with..

Tom H, on the other hand

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 16:50:46 -0500
From: Tom H <tomh0665 at>
     <ubuntu-users at>
Subject: Re: sudo versus #

Seemed very learned, and you happened to respond to my response to him. I 
took your uncheck the gconf-edit advice, but not the toolkit, and I added 
that one line in /etc/sudoers as Tom H suggested

Here is my reply to that:

and then you replied to that:

and I took

[:: your advice ::]

Launch gconf-editor, Open Apps -> gksu and take the check mark off

[:: end advice ::]

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