Non-backlit, Monochrome LCD or other good displays for shell use

Kenneth Loafman kenneth at
Mon Feb 8 16:32:42 UTC 2010

BC wrote:
> Hello,
> This question is not Ubuntu-specific, but as an Ubuntu and Linux user, I
> thought I would turn here first.  I would appreciate any leads about
> where better to ask this question.
> I find using modern-day CCFL-powered LCD displays (tethered or external)
> to be exhausting because of the intensity of staring at a focused light
> source for so long (I also have an eye condition).  To some extent CRTs
> were a little easier on the eyes for me back when, but I'd like to dig
> deeper to use a more antiquated tech.

Not directly answering your question, but I have roughly the same
problem.  I found a fix for it by changing the background color from
white to ivory, thus cutting out a lot of the blue, and cutting down on
the eye strain.  I still like a light background and a dark foreground
because, for me, its less strain on the eyes, but the blue component is
one that causes white to be so intense for me and others.


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