Non-backlit, Monochrome LCD or other good displays for shell use

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Karl Auer wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-02-08 at 09:47 +0000, Steve wrote:
>> On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 01:37:59 -0000, BC <pencileraser at> wrote:
>>> for so long (I also have an eye condition).  To some extent CRTs were a
>>> little easier on the eyes for me back when, but I'd like to dig deeper to
>>> use a more antiquated tech.
> You can probably still pick up cheap text-only serial terminals, which
> will work just fine as consoles at speeds up to 115Kbps. I have had a
> Wyse60 for about twenty years now. It is still in perfect working order,
> with a lovely keyboard and highly readable, gentle-on-the-eye text.
> But these really are text *only*. You need to muck about a bit if you
> want these to act as consoles onto an Ubuntu system, but it's not that
> complicated. And obviously you have to have a serial port (which is not
> at all self-evident these days, especially on laptops):
> Type "wyse serial terminal" into Google, and you'll see lots of people
> still using these and similar serial terminals with Unix/Linux,
> including one guy that runs an ASCII aquarium :-)
> You can no longer buy serial terminals new (at least, I don't think you
> can; Wyse was the acknowledged leader of the field and has ceased
> production of all serial terminals). However, there are a lot of them
> still in circulation (not just from Wyse, of course). They were well
> built and hardy, and they represent the pinnacle of technology as far as
> serial terminals go, so they are quite beautiful items in a way.

	I'd also suggest a DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) VT-420 terminal. Or 
even a VT-320. They come in white (grey, really) on black, and amber on 
	The Classic Computing list ( should be a good 
source, or Vintage Computer Marketplace:

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