Lucid not stable before end of april

Willis Taylor th1bill at
Wed Feb 10 02:22:00 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-02-10 at 01:09 +0000, ubuntu-users-request at
>         Look. I will not argue words with you. Call it what you want. 
> Every morning I turn on my computer and there is Lucid 10.04 
> sitting there running. I go to a back page and open a terminal 
> and do aptitude update and then upgrade. This morning I got 44 
> upgrades and 1 replacement. The system is working just fine. I 
> get updates, my Lucid gets better. What is wrong with this 
> picture to you?
>         Are you getting updates daily to your Lucid in a virtual 
> machine? Is it getting better or worse?
> 73 Karl

I'm not flaming you but your comment is out of touch with reality and it
matters because there are new users here.  Lucid is not stable and that
is the truth.  Enjoying the system I, went the extra steep and tried a
dual boot with Karmic.  The new grub updated and all hell broke loose.
Suddenly, none of the kernels for Karmic would boot, they just fell dead
after hitting enter.

So I tried mounting /dev/sda1 because it appeared in "Places," but to no
avail.  I fired the Live CD for both systems and could not repair the
system.  I used the Rescue disk for Karmic to no avail.  I booted with
UBCD and could not repair it.  I looked at it with my Live CD for
GParted but could not find or repair the Block Count Error for the
Karmic Partition after the update.

Because of this problem I am in the process of rebuilding my Karmic
system and have placed Lucid back inside VirtualBox until April for
further testing.  The long and the short of the matter    is that the
Lucid Team at Canonical is doing a fantastic job and will release the
best version possible before the month of May but right now it has a few

Karl, I believe that I have read that you are in your seventies and    I
am now 65.  In our later years we are expected to have grown up enough
to exhibit some form of wisdom.  Making comments or replying to childish
comments that lead to flaming wars is just not smart at all.  Every fool
has the right to his or her opinion, no matter how stupid it is but as
elders in the social group we are supposed to be smart enough to not
follow the Pride Filled Fools as they run off the cliff.  We are also, I
have found out, expected to think before we post misstatements that
might cause the new here to get themselves into a mess.

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