Lucid not stable before end of april

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Wed Feb 10 14:21:59 UTC 2010

Willis Taylor wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-02-10 at 01:09 +0000, ubuntu-users-request at
> wrote:
>>         Look. I will not argue words with you. Call it what you want. 
>> Every morning I turn on my computer and there is Lucid 10.04 
>> sitting there running. I go to a back page and open a terminal 
>> and do aptitude update and then upgrade. This morning I got 44 
>> upgrades and 1 replacement. The system is working just fine. I 
>> get updates, my Lucid gets better. What is wrong with this 
>> picture to you?
>>         Are you getting updates daily to your Lucid in a virtual 
>> machine? Is it getting better or worse?
>> 73 Karl
> Karl,
> I'm not flaming you but your comment is out of touch with reality and it
> matters because there are new users here.  Lucid is not stable and that
> is the truth.  Enjoying the system I, went the extra steep and tried a
> dual boot with Karmic.  The new grub updated and all hell broke loose.
> Suddenly, none of the kernels for Karmic would boot, they just fell dead
> after hitting enter.
> So I tried mounting /dev/sda1 because it appeared in "Places," but to no
> avail.  I fired the Live CD for both systems and could not repair the
> system.  I used the Rescue disk for Karmic to no avail.  I booted with
> UBCD and could not repair it.  I looked at it with my Live CD for
> GParted but could not find or repair the Block Count Error for the
> Karmic Partition after the update.
> Because of this problem I am in the process of rebuilding my Karmic
> system and have placed Lucid back inside VirtualBox until April for
> further testing.  The long and the short of the matter    is that the
> Lucid Team at Canonical is doing a fantastic job and will release the
> best version possible before the month of May but right now it has a few
> bugs.
> Karl, I believe that I have read that you are in your seventies and    I
> am now 65.  In our later years we are expected to have grown up enough
> to exhibit some form of wisdom.  Making comments or replying to childish
> comments that lead to flaming wars is just not smart at all.  Every fool
> has the right to his or her opinion, no matter how stupid it is but as
> elders in the social group we are supposed to be smart enough to not
> follow the Pride Filled Fools as they run off the cliff.  We are also, I
> have found out, expected to think before we post misstatements that
> might cause the new here to get themselves into a mess.
	The problem with stable is it means a special thing to the 
Ubuntu developers. I was just told that so, I will drop using 

	Your problem above sounds like a Grub problem. Updates to 
Lucid can't break your Karmic but it can break the grub2 on 
Lucid. It did not on my Lucid and I am loading 5 versions of 
Ubuntu with the Lucid grub2.

73 Karl


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