GNOME & Multisession DVDs

Johnneylee Rollins johnneylee.rollins at
Sat Feb 6 03:27:34 UTC 2010

> There is absolutely no problem with RW discs, that I can at least verify
> :)... but I gather there are issues with DVD writing appliances that
> don't finalize a disc burn.... though this is only an assumption, so I'm
> prepared to be the ass.  Since there were no files found in the
> media/cdrom folder, I can only gather that whatever problem there might
> be, is actually a kernel issue.  (Whether the kernel devs consider it an
> issue if you can mount an unfanalized disc or not is another matter.)

Rash, can you manage not using offensive words in your posts? Thanks.

On-topic: I cannot say reliably that they work. They have worked for
me while I was playing with some LFS stuff in making a installable
distro. Not much of a $0.02 to throw in, but it's something.


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