GNOME & Multisession DVDs

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Feb 6 03:43:41 UTC 2010

On 02/05/2010 07:20 PM, Rashkae wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 02/05/2010 06:56 PM, Vassili Zaitsev wrote:
>>> Andrew Farris wrote:
>> ...
>>>> To verify whether or not you're experiencing the same thing, try opening
>>>> a rooted nautilus window (alt+F2 'gksudo nautilus') then see if the
>>>> cdrom appears in the menu on the left (or navigate to /media/cdrom* and
>>>> check for contents). I don't know why it would do this on a multisession
>>>> disk, but you never know...
>>> Yes, the DVD appears in the Places pane and upon clicking it I can navigate down 
>>> to, inspect and open the disc contents (.vob, .ifo & .bup files).
>> My _guess_ is that this is the same permissions issue as with floppies, see:
>> [Clicking on floppy gives "no device media found"]
>> scroll down to the last 9 or 10 comments (mine is #174).
>> Hmmm... I wonder if the devs also don't have DVD-RW drives.
> There is absolutely no problem with RW discs, that I can at least verify 
> :)... but I gather there are issues with DVD writing appliances that 
> don't finalize a disc burn.... though this is only an assumption, so I'm 
> prepared to be the ass.  Since there were no files found in the 
> media/cdrom folder, I can only gather that whatever problem there might 
> be, is actually a kernel issue.  (Whether the kernel devs consider it an 
> issue if you can mount an unfanalized disc or not is another matter.)

I'll try one tomorrow if I get to the store... I'll have to get some
RW's; only have R's currently. Can you try on your system?
(Gnome/Nautilus) - try a reboot or try the DVD in another system. Of
course reboot shouldn't be necessary, but can't hurt eh?

BTW: I'm a happy ass... it's Friday in my part of the world :-)

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