Bas Roufs basroufs at
Thu Feb 4 11:11:34 UTC 2010

> You was using one of Ubuntu/Windows for more than month

Windows I have been using ever since the middle of the nineties. But
especially ever since about 2000, that system got stuck at least once
per day. It shaked, bounced and behaved like a uncontrolled horse.
That's why I decided a few years ago to transfer to Linux as soon as
it became clear to me that it is perfectly well possible to keep
collaborating with colleagues who still work with Windows.
With a big relief I transferred to Kubuntu, one of the Ubuntu
variants, in 2007. I still have Windows XP, also at this PC. But I use
it in less than 2% of the cases ... For more than 98% of my work,
Linux suits me perfectly well.

> Then you saw the other OS
> The question is what you found different?
> What did strike you mostly about the other OS?

When working @ Windows, I get seriously stuck every day. When working
@ Linux, only about once per month I have a serious problem I cannot
easily solve myself. For such a problem, there is enough community

> my interests:
> I develop addons for Firefox using Notepad

For such purposes, there are "Kate" and several other editors.

> I am serious but sometimes watch movies and listen to music

After a bit of effort, this will work OK in Firefox combined with
multi media packages like 'VLC'.

>...  some picture editing

Use GIMP for that purpose.

> my questions:
> >What is pretty more convenient in Ubuntu?
> >What is pretty more convenient in Windows?

In addition to what I told you above:
@ *Ubuntu I can do complicated jobs with free, well-running open
source software. At Windows, I would need very expensive software for
the same jobs.

Good websites for first Linux orientation:
And many, many more......

Use this and other forums if you have questions.

Finally: look for someone who is able and willing to help you to get
started with Linux. In my experience, such a brother or sister can be
very helpful!

Respectfully yours,


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