OT: was: Re: 32 or 64??

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Wed Feb 3 03:08:13 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, February 03, 2010 10:35 AM, Pastor JW wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 February 2010 4:13:02 pm Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> I couldn't help but notice recently, much to my cost, that Intel is
>>> removing Virtualization extensions on all their current socket 775
>>> CPU's.. (how are the i5 and i7 faring?).  The only reason I can think
>>> for this move is to prevent the low end cpus from competing with the
>>> workstation/server market, since these cpu's are now more than fast
>>> enough for many workloads to be simply io bound.
>> Go AMD. No surprises whether there is hardware virtualization or not.
> See, I did that originally but then AMD generally used nVidia and that was so
> poor that I went with Intel in my Dell 1525n laptops back in 03.  Now things
> appear to be opposite again.  It seems as time marches on, all truisms
> related to computer hardware flip flop as fast as a politician's speech!  I
> am however, now looking at an i7-975 desktop and it only offers nVidia video
> cards.  It comes preloaded with Kubuntu so I guess I'll see how 10.04 will
> run on it shortly. Reason for that is that I'd way prefer running on a LTS
> base, even if they don't know how to make a decent attempt at KDE support.
> My current desktops are AMD Athlon machines from somewhere in the mid to late
> 90's.

I have not had bad experiences with Nvidia. A spate of problems lately 
have all been fixed by BIOS updates for the new desktops with Asus 
boards and frankly, I was not surprised. Too bad MSI did not have 
choices for me to pick.

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