OT: was: Re: 32 or 64??

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Wed Feb 3 02:57:13 UTC 2010

Christopher Chan wrote:
>> I couldn't help but notice recently, much to my cost, that Intel is
>> removing Virtualization extensions on all their current socket 775
>> CPU's.. (how are the i5 and i7 faring?).  The only reason I can think
>> for this move is to prevent the low end cpus from competing with the
>> workstation/server market, since these cpu's are now more than fast
>> enough for many workloads to be simply io bound.
> Go AMD. No surprises whether there is hardware virtualization or not.

Amen brother... I've completely switched to AMD for any system that 
doesn't need the pure HP of over $250 CPU's.. (ie, every system I've 
specced so far.)  Intel had an undeniable lead on price/performance for 
a while when they were the first to bring 65 and 45nm cpus to market, 
but that didn't last long when AMD finally updated their fabs.

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