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On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 12:16:58PM +1030, Derek wrote:

> Needless to say I eventually read the Update criteria in Ubuntu Help
> files but then wondered why the option to update was even offered.  I
> read about "Fixing Grub" on page 95 of UUM issue 3 so any attempt to
> update was more than Karmic.  This raises the question of a triple boot
> system - is that possible or beyond 'Grub'?

I'm triple booting 2 flavors of Ubuntu and 1 of Debian. Grub detected
everything automatically.

> On the new 9.10 desk top I realised that the clock was 3 hours slow with
> the correct time zone of Adelaide Australia set.  The time would not
> stay reset to the correct time via System | Administration | Time and
> Date.  I was only able to set the correct time clicking 'Appointments
> and Tasks' icon and then Edit.  No password was required.  Very strange
> or is this a known bug?
> I was able to restore from a recent Evolution back up all my contacts,
> accounts, filters and emails.  Very satisfying.  Pity the Firefox
> browser does not have the same back up facility as this meant copying
> Windows Firefox bookmarks as text to Ubuntu Firefox.

In Firefox: Bookmarks -> Oganize bookmarks -> Import and Backup ->


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