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On 29/08/2010 17:40, M W wrote:
> Hello,
> After a week of trial and error and searching for answers I found this
> and hope it helps. Since I am used to a Windows OS the Ubuntu set up
> is foreign to me. I downloaded Ubuntu (newest version) to try it. So
> far, I like what I see but what I do not understand is how to install
> certain things. My Symantec Antivirus and a DVD player for two. I
> tried the downloader with the antivirus and I just get an error
> message. I tried the dvd player but on the website all I get is code
> to install.
You don't need to bother with an antivirus. The only antivirus available
for Linux are there to secure file servers or mail servers that serve
Windows clients. Linux is MUCH LESS (note that I haven't said "NOT")
prone to viruses than the OS you are used to...

For the DVD player... I suggest you install VLC (should be in the
default "universe" repository these days so it should just work). Go to
System->Synaptic Package Manager, and type "vlc" in the quick search
box. VLC plays just about any media you throw at it... Audio, Video,

> I'm not a computer geek, but I'm not a novice computer user either. I
> really need some help in some basics. I have read several help pdfs
> but I still need some further assistance. I would like to get rid of
> the Windows OS completely but b/4 I do, I need to understand Ubuntu.
Playing with it is the best way to learn...
> Would really appreciate some assistance.
Have you looked at : http://ubuntu-manual.org/?lang=en_US
> Thanks, Michelle


And... don't worry, sometimes discussions get a bit heated on this list.
Ignore the heat. Stay patient, and keep asking when you need help with
something that isn't obvious to you.


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