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M W milore55 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 15:40:06 UTC 2010


After a week of trial and error and searching for answers I found this and
hope it helps. Since I am used to a Windows OS the Ubuntu set up is foreign
to me. I downloaded Ubuntu (newest version) to try it. So far, I like what I
see but what I do not understand is how to install certain things. My
Symantec Antivirus and a DVD player for two. I tried the downloader with the
antivirus and I just get an error message. I tried the dvd player but on the
website all I get is code to install.

I'm not a computer geek, but I'm not a novice computer user either. I really
need some help in some basics. I have read several help pdfs but I still
need some further assistance. I would like to get rid of the Windows OS
completely but b/4 I do, I need to understand Ubuntu.

Would really appreciate some assistance.

Thanks, Michelle
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