iTunes and Ubuntu

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Thu Aug 26 12:50:46 UTC 2010

> Thanks for your help on this.

Your Welcome.

>I was able to get this version working under VirtualBox. I could not get to
>to run under wine unfortunately. It installed but threw some sort of fatal
>error while running.

There are other reasons for running in a virtual WindowsXP Guest such 
converting video files for use on the iPhone/iPod touch.

>In addition the USB support seems a bit wierd. If I plug anything in before
>I start the VirtualBox XP image, the XP image never sees the device. It
>works OK, as long as I remeer to start up the VB image before I plug the
>iPhone in.

I am wondering what version of VirtualBox you are running, OSE or the PUEL 
version.  If you downloaded from the Ubuntu repository, you are most likely 
running OSE which doesn't really support USB "natively".  The other thing 
that might be going on here is that on the VirtualBox Menu bar, you can 
"connect" to USB device that already plugged in (PUEL Version).


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