Ubuntu or Red-Hat for servers?

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Thu Aug 26 01:56:47 UTC 2010

> Quite frankly, if someone is talking OS's at enterprise level, that need
> that all important 3rd party vendor support, why would they use
> OpenSolaris over Solaris ?
> (Or Centos over RHEL)

Oh, I forgot that the OP was asking about supported distros.

> As for RHEL/SLES/Ubuntu.
> If the vendor of your application says "works best on...."
> ... then do it, if only for your own sanity down the line when something
> crops up.

Yeah, unless one does not want support...

> If it's say, a LAMP stack with in-house web-apps, or a Joomla, or
> suchlike, you can be OS agnostic, unless you need later versions of
> things, RHEL is notoriously slow on having the latest version of
> something (as someone else said, like PHP)

Nexenta CP RC3!

> As for Centos .... spit.


> Wouldn't touch it with the dirty end of someone else's toilet brush.
> Been burnt using it at home as a server and just can't recommend
> (massively worse than the Fedora it replaced!!!)
> A tub of unset jelly was more stable.


I still have one Centos 4 server running and I am also looking after 
another Centos 5 box. I don't see any particular major problem with them.

> I switched to Ubuntu after the Centos box fell over again, it's easy,
> and It Just Works(tm).

Right. I also have a Hardy server but I don't see it being any more 
stable than Centos/RHEL.

> Yeah - some things are different, minor issues IMHO.

Huh? Yeah right. You try making a customized set of iptables rules and 
fitting it into whatever Ubuntu offers. /me spits.

> If I want customised stuff, I don't do Linux - I do BSD for personal
> preference.

Theo is that way for the greatest filtering solution-->


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