Is it just me, or is there a reason for it?

ms devicerandom at
Sat Aug 14 16:51:02 UTC 2010

On 14/08/10 17:06, R Kimber wrote:
> My point was that users do need warnings when things go wrong. You can't be
> expected to read through the raw log files all the time.  So I use logcheck,
> but I'm getting stuff that I think serves very little purpose, and so my
> point was that either developers should be more selective about what is
> logged or the logcheck filtering should be tightened, but that users
> shouldn't have to get to grips with extended regular expressions.

Update: It seems the logcheck developers have thought of that:

I hope it helps.

Anyway learning regexp can only help for a lot of other things, so I 
would advise you to do so (I don't know regexp because I rarely ever 
needed them, but it's top in my list of things to learn)


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