Two Buggy Browsers

Angus MacGyver macgyver at
Wed Aug 11 17:12:53 UTC 2010

> This is quite interesting:  I went to that webpage and cleared the
> cache; then I went to the Washington Post webpage that was giving me
> grief, and the videos played like a charm!  
> I don't get it; why do I have to clear the flash cache in order to
> play video on the Washington Post website?  (and what could POSSIBLY
> be preventing Firefox from executing?)

Truly odd.

As to the firefox..

Have you tried to execute it from the command line ?

Quoting PeteVG
2)  Try running Firefox from the command line by opening a terminal,
typing "firefox", and hitting Enter.  Watch the terminal output, as it
may give you hints as to why Firefox is crashing. 

Do that and post any output...



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