Lucid Beta2

Johnny linuxhamuser at
Thu Apr 15 16:53:33 UTC 2010

Basil Chupin wrote:
> Cannot say it often enough about how impressed I am with Lucid. Lovely
> stuff.
> But I do have a couple of questions to do with midnight commander, and
> hope that someone has the answer.
> I use mc (midnight commander) as my preferred file manager. - been using
> it for years. Under Ubuntu it has me stumped about how to keep the darn
> thing open in full screen and not open in that small window (which you
> then have to double click on or press F10 to make it go full screen)?
> And the second question is: in mc F10 is (one way) how one QUITS
> midnight commander. But pressing the F10 key only brings up a drop-down
> menu in the top-left corner. The only way that "F10" works is if one
> uses the mouse to click on the F10 "button" at the bottom-right of mc.
> How can one reconfigure mc or whatever (and it is NOT the keyboard
> shortcuts) so that F10 key on the keyboard works as it is designed to work?
> BC
I have used mc (midnight commander ) for years myself, if your runnning 
it from gnome terminal or other terminals just look at the preferences 
in that terminal that your using others you may have to configure by 
hand. There is another file manager that I use also is Gnome Commander 
it looks like mc (midnight commander) check it out  Hope this helps a little


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