Upstart problem - apache, ssh daemon not running

Carsten Agger agger at
Thu Apr 1 09:21:39 UTC 2010

Some months ago, these daemons - and also, unsettlingly, the CUPS 
printer daemon - stopped running automatically after bootup.

This problem was related to an "improvement" going from upstart 0.6.3-10 
to 0.6.3-11, which caused the scripts in /etc/init.d/ not to be run if 
no network connection wa available during bootup - which it isn't, as 
I'm using a laptop with wireless networking.

The solution was to downgrade to 0.6.3-10 and (or so I thought) lock the 
program to this version. Suddenly, however, a few days ago Suddenly, 
meaning in the last few days, the apache server and the SSH daemon on my 
laptop once again stopped running  after login on my laptop.

As stated, my understanding is that the new version of upstart does this 
when there's no network connection during boot, but I have no idea WHY 
it does that - it seems illogical, as apache and SSH will run fine over 
the loopback interface and I actually do this all the time to test new 
web pages etc. Can anyone enlighten me?

Does anyone know if there's a LASTING solution to this problem in Ubuntu 

Also, does someone know if this problem is also present with the version 
of upstart in Lucid?


Carsten Agger


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