Upstart problem - apache, ssh daemon not running

Luis Paulo luis.barbas at
Thu Apr 1 12:58:14 UTC 2010

I tried on 9.10 with upstart 0.6.3-11, unplug the net, boot the laptop and I
have pidof sshd and apache2


On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Carsten Agger <agger at> wrote:

> Some months ago, these daemons - and also, unsettlingly, the CUPS
> printer daemon - stopped running automatically after bootup.
> This problem was related to an "improvement" going from upstart 0.6.3-10
> to 0.6.3-11, which caused the scripts in /etc/init.d/ not to be run if
> no network connection wa available during bootup - which it isn't, as
> I'm using a laptop with wireless networking.
> The solution was to downgrade to 0.6.3-10 and (or so I thought) lock the
> program to this version. Suddenly, however, a few days ago Suddenly,
> meaning in the last few days, the apache server and the SSH daemon on my
> laptop once again stopped running  after login on my laptop.
> As stated, my understanding is that the new version of upstart does this
> when there's no network connection during boot, but I have no idea WHY
> it does that - it seems illogical, as apache and SSH will run fine over
> the loopback interface and I actually do this all the time to test new
> web pages etc. Can anyone enlighten me?
> Does anyone know if there's a LASTING solution to this problem in Ubuntu
> 9.10?
> Also, does someone know if this problem is also present with the version
> of upstart in Lucid?
> br,
> Carsten Agger
> Denmark
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