Ubuntu Professionals Forum?

Rakotomandimby Mihamina mihamina at gulfsat.mg
Mon Sep 14 15:51:44 UTC 2009

09/14/2009 06:10 PM, Odd::
>>>> - Are you "professional"? Why dont you help people in here then?
>>> When did it become your place to say something like that?
>> Because I dont understand why do people want to wipe out "dummies".
> Wipe out? You're being a little dramatic don't you think?


>> He has been a dummy at the beginning, just like everyone of us.
> I would rather say, we were all inexperienced at one time.
> I consider a dummy someone who doesn't want to learn.


>> He became a "professional" (if he ever is) because someone
>> taught him.
> Or he taught himself.

Hum... what from? Google search? what did Google index?

>> And now, he wants a "professional-only" community place?
> So? Server stuff aren't for the typical user.

Typicall user use at least one server: Xorg.

>> Leaving what and where he is from?
>> No... sorry, I must have given my opinion about that.
>> Now, you agree or not, but I think it should be "one place for all".
> That's an idiotic statement. Should we talk about all
> OSes on one list then? Linux, MacOS, Windows. "one
> place for all" you said. Why don't we merge the sounder
> list with this then? And the Kubuntu list with this?

Extremist. :-)

> And why don't we merge the supercomputer Linux lists
> with this? One place for all, right? Do you see where I'm
> going with this?

Topic based splits are OK for me.
Knowledge level based splits are not.

> I actually think this list should be broken up into a few ones.
> I think only Ubuntu stuff should be talked about on this list.
> Bash stuff should be talked about on another.

There is the BASH mailing list.

> Software should
> be talked about on yet another, unless it's specific for Ubuntu.
> This list is high-volume and far too many mails are about things
> that aren't about Ubuntu.

There is sounder for that.
Instead of adding one more "split", we could just post on topic to the existing
mailing lists.

>> The only situation I could agree is if he pays for support (Canonical or others).
>> But that is not "communotary" anymore.
> Good thing he doesn't need your agreement.

I did not talk about agreement (allow) but agreement (just opinion)

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