Folder just appeared in Evolution... didn't put it there, and it wouldnt let me delete it.

Andrew Farris flyindragon1 at
Sat Sep 12 00:15:39 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 19:27 -0400, Jay Daniels wrote:
> If you have saved a file named .procmailrc in your home directory, this
> could explain it if you procmail installed which you may if you
> installed some mail meta package.  Yes, procmail is an email filter and
> can even create folders to sort messages...

I figured as much... I never installed procmail knowingly, but I checked
synaptic anyway to make sure it hadnt gotten snapped up as a
dependency/recommends or something... according to that, procmail is not
installed on my computer.

> Look at the dot or hidden files in your ~/
> ls -la

This was what I did the first time... no ~/.procmailrc in my home. I
also did a 'locate procmail' to see if there were other items on my
computer that might fit the's what came up:

        andrew at BEC-LIN:~$ locate procmail
        andrew at BEC-LIN:~$

I forgot that I've got the bogo spam filter installed... could
bogofilter have generated that folder during an update or something?
There were a few updates yesterday, but none of them were for bogo...

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