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On 07/09/2009, Andrew Farris <flyindragon1 at> wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-09-06 at 21:48 +0530, ashwin1711 wrote:
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>> Dear Derek,
>>                   I am facing a problem with Ubuntu.I have downloaded
>> 9.04 and try to format with that but my keyboard doesnot work and when
>> I inserted DVD in it then its not working.whta to do now..Last time I
>> told you before already i have downloaded but its not
>> you have any idea.Could I make format from root or from
>> setup
> ashwin1711,
> I'm sorry to say it, but after all this, since you've gotten yourself a
> new Ubuntu disk, yet you still can't boot from it, your keyboard is
> still apparently not working, and your touchpad is still apparently not
> working, that I'd have to say I believe the computer itself is faulty.
> Hardware issue, not software.
> It may not be the solution you were hoping for, but if you can, I'd
> recommend taking it to somebody who knows computers, or a professional
> repair shop, and have then check to see if the hardware is faulty.
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Hello friends,
                      thanks to all Ubuntu technical supporter team
who help me to solve my touchpad problem.actually system corrupted so
that is why it got problem with touchpad but God gress I got advice
from this Ununtu supporter  group and now I am here.I can use my
laptop and I have recover my all data with the help of live session
user.I find the CD of Ubuntu here and that friend given me it with
free of Cost.I am grateful to him too..
                         Sorry may be some people got irritation
because I send so many mails and I didnot get perfect solution but
finally one supporter asked me to find CD and use it as a live session
user and take backup of all data.

                        Thank you very much

with regards

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