Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Sep 9 15:27:21 UTC 2009

2009/9/9 ashwin1711 <ashwin1711 at>:

> Hello friends,
>                      thanks to all Ubuntu technical supporter team
> who help me to solve my touchpad problem.actually system corrupted so
> that is why it got problem with touchpad but God gress I got advice
> from this Ununtu supporter  group and now I am here.I can use my
> laptop and I have recover my all data with the help of live session
> user.I find the CD of Ubuntu here and that friend given me it with
> free of Cost.I am grateful to him too..
>                         Sorry may be some people got irritation
> because I send so many mails and I didnot get perfect solution but
> finally one supporter asked me to find CD and use it as a live session
> user and take backup of all data.
>                        Thank you very much
> with regards

If you look back to my email of 2nd Sep you will see I wrote:

> If you cannot log on to the pc at all, even in recovery mode from the
> boot window, then it may be that all you can do is get hold of an
> ubuntu install cd, boot off it and then access the disk to get the
> data off before re-installing.

I believe that is what you now describe as the perfect solution.  I
also believe others suggested the same thing several times.

If you ask for help it is polite to pay attention to the suggestions made.


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