Sound System Failure - Or Deaf Old Man...

Joseph ubuntu at
Fri Sep 4 10:30:46 UTC 2009

>> Joseph wrote:
> [snip]
>>>>>>>> I loaded the 8.04 and it suggested the new 9.04....    so I did.  I 
>>>>>>>> noticed that it does sounds for KNetWalk and a couple of other things, 
>>>>>>>> but when I play a YouTube video, it does nothing.  I had to load a 
>>>>>>>> program (I forget which one), so the videos would play...   I now can 
>>>>>>>> play the video, but there's still no sound, except for what sounds like 
>>>>>>>> a waterfall....
> Andrew Farris wrote:
> what flash plugin are you using? open a firefox window, type in
> 'about:plugins' and scroll down to the section called "Shockwave Flash".
> The flash plugin you're using should be right down there.

After doing all this...   I've discovered something...   and it's quite 

If I go to YouTube, and preview one of MY videos (while logged in)....   
I hear good sound.  But when I attempt to listen to, or play any other 
sound files, I get silence, except for a hiss in the background.

I have noticed, that after making the installs, and changes which were 
suggested, I have two sound icons in the top tray...
    1.  One is labled HDA Intel - ALC1200 Analog (and it gives the 
percentage of volume and dB)
    2.  The other just says "Master:" and the percentage.

Karl, please don't get distraught over me not putting 9.04 on by itself, 
rather than over an older version.  I've sent to the disc, and will do 
that when it gets here....   unless something can be worked out ahead of 

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