Mac look alike?

Patton Echols p.echols at
Sat Nov 28 17:30:42 UTC 2009

On 11/27/2009 08:21 PM, M. Milanuk wrote:
> Patton Echols wrote:
>> I may just do that,  But I'm trying to figure out whether she "needs" 
>> it, or if it is just extra "bling."  If the latter and she can have it 
>> for free, well, then when she gets out of college she can get her own 
>> mac book!
> I recently went through the same thing with my step daughter going off 
> to college.  We talked it over, and decided to go with a HP laptop for 
> now.  The biggest concern being not so much the daughter, but in my 
> experience their *friends* are the biggest liability around to any 
> electronics, from phone to iPod to stereos to computers.  It's always 
> some 'friend' who fiddles around, does something stupid, and manages to 
> break said device.  And then can't pay to do the right thing: fix it or 
> replace it.  I'd much rather they screw up a $700 HP laptop than a 
> $1200-1300 (loaded) Macbook, however much I think the Macbook is a 
> better computer and OS X is the better OS (as compared to Vista).
> Monte

Agreed.  We are also dealing with the need vs. want phenomenon.  Her 
Dell laptop is still working, (assuming as I am that the CD writer 
problem she's having is software and can be fixed)  But it is a few 
years old, the OS is in that "old windoz gets slow" stage, and if 
frustrates her.  So she is interested in the cool Mac like her friend 
has and  . . .  She has been quite responsible with her current machine 
and I am less worried about the friend thing than I would have been when 
she was a freshman.  But that is one more factor to consider.

At this point, I think that this thread is way, way OT.  I really 
appreciate all the feedback and am willing to continue the discussion, 
but I think we should take it off line.

Thanks again.

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