Interface lag in Ubuntu 9.10

Huw huw at
Tue Nov 17 12:25:05 UTC 2009

> I've no idea what to do to troubleshoot this, with it likely involving
> grub2 and ext4, neither of which I've been anywhere near. Perhaps it's
> deserving of a new thread when you've sorted the currently more
> pressing problem?

Yeah, I'll do that.  It actually calls itself version 1.94 beta or something like that.   But anyway, yep, new thread later.

> Does the restricted drivers manager offer any other versions of the
> driver? 
> Also, search the ubuntu bug tracker[0] for your chipset and/or driver
> version.

Yes, a couple of other, older versions of nVidia's driver are available.  I can give them a try I suppose but I'm almost certain Gnome was lagging before I'd installed any of them.

> Each use characters at the beginning of the line:
> (EE)	Error
> (WW)	Warning
> (II)	Information
> There are others, denoting why it's done something (default vs.
> configured behaviour for example), and they're all detailed at the top
> of the files.
> From what I remember, you want
> /var/log/gdm/:0.log	for gdm
> /var/log/xorg.0.log	for X11
> If you paste these somewhere like pastebin in full, or c+p the
> pertinent lines here if there aren't many[1], we can have a look.

Right, will do...when I get a chance in maybe seven hours or so!

> Looks fine here, but that might be down to me using a great mail
> client...

Heh.  Splendid!  I'm having to do a fair bit of tedious manual editing with each reply, so I'm glad.


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