Interface lag in Ubuntu 9.10

intrader intrader.intrader at
Sun Nov 22 17:50:41 UTC 2009

huw wrote:
> Avi, it's been a while so I hope you see this!  I finally got around to
> following your advice.
> On Tue, 2009-11-17 at 11:50 +0000, Avi Greenbury wrote:
>> Does the restricted drivers manager offer any other versions of the
>> driver? 
>> Also, search the ubuntu bug tracker[0] for your chipset and/or driver
>> version.
> I changed down to the oldest nVidia driver offered by the restricted
> drivers manager, i.e. 96, and restarted.  No dice.  I haven't searched
> the bug tracker yet though.
>>>> Are X or GDM writing anything interesting to their logs?
> All I can see is this:
> (WW) NVIDIA(0): 
> (WW) NVIDIA(0): No modes were requested; the default mode
> "nvidia-auto-select"
> (WW) NVIDIA(0):     will be used as the requested mode.
> (WW) NVIDIA(0): 
> I'm fairly sure I always used to see that.
> I'm no expert but it doesn't really "feel" like a graphics thing.  When
> I click an icon - like send/receive in Evolution for example, or
> clicking a launcher in the top panel - it registers straight away.  The
> icon/button goes into its "pressed" state.  But there it stays for a
> second or so, before coming out of the pressed state and my command
> being carried out.  There's also usually a lag of a couple of seconds
> before the corresponding sound effect is played.  It's as if every now
> and again, when I ask Gnome to do something, it has to think about it
> for a sec.  It doesn't appear to make any difference whether I'm
> launching an app or clicking something within an app.  Quite puzzling!
> Any other thoughts would be most welcome.
> Huw
I have posted my experience with updating from 9.04 to 9.10. The 
resulting UI is just about unusable.
I am using the NVidia Version 96 driver.
I also observed that the icons changed in appearance (for example the 
wireless icon or the help icon are 'washed' out).
I discovered that System->Preferences->Startup Applications had a large 
number of applications checked. I have removed 'Blue Tooth, and 
Evaluation Alarm' and unchecked most of the rest except Network Manager, 
PolicyKit Authentication, Print Queue Applet, Update Notifier, and 
Volume Control.The GNOME Settings Daemon and GNOME Settings Daemon 
Helper seemed to have helped as _now the icons are drawn properly and 
the UI is behaving better._
My initial observations
1. Click on icon does not cancel and mouse drags the icon image around.
2. Highlighting while typing - if you move mouse while typing the text 
in some nearby area is highlighted.
3. Scrollbar is 'sticky' and scrolls the page while mouse is move in the 
page area.
4. Click on close or links takes many tries.
Seems like my messages to the forum 'Installation & Upgrades' are 
ignored.  My last posting informs the group that I will be going back to 
Good luck with your quest


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