Karmic screensaver asks for password

Xandros Pilosa folivora.pilosa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 19:57:22 UTC 2009

Dne 12.11.2009 (čet) ob 11:09 -0500 je Laura Conrad zapisal(a):
>     >> So I think the correct one is apps/gnome-screensaver|lock_enabled. Can
>     >> you do the same on your system and see if checking/unchecking 'Lock
>     >> screen when screensaver is active' also changes the
>     >> 'apps/gnome-screensaver|lock_enabled'?
> I don't think so.  I didn't figure out how to have both things open at
> once, but it looked like when I went back and forth, what I'd set
> before was still true after.

As NoOp wrote, it should be the same: if you uncheck  'Lock
screen when screensaver is active' in sreensaver dialogue, it should be unchecked in
gconf-editor apps/gnome-screensaver|lock_enabled. If this is not the case, you may consider to file a bug.
Sorry for asking maybe stupid question : You did try to uncheck those options in both programs (leave it blank in both)?

>     Xandros> key and also search within gconf-editor for potential
>     Xandros> xscreensaver "leftovers".
> How would I do that?

In gconf-editor ctrl+F --> in the search box write xscreensaver -->
select both options offered. Then look in keys it may find for relevant
(lock or similar) string.
You may consider also to reinstall xscreensaver and then purge it (mark
for complete removal, including config files), if you did not it


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