Karmic screensaver asks for password

Laura Conrad lconrad at laymusic.org
Thu Nov 12 16:09:06 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Xandros" == Xandros Pilosa <folivora.pilosa at gmail.com> writes:

    >> So then I asked gnome-screensaver not to run when
    >> >> the machine was idle, and it isn't, but the machine is still asking me
    >> >> for a password after I close the lid, but not if I just leave it open.

    Xandros> So, if I understand you correctly, when you the machine
    Xandros> is idle (with lid opened) for some time, the screen goes
    Xandros> blank and when it resumes, you are not asked for
    Xandros> password?


    >> >> The "Settings" => "Power Management" screen is set to "Blank Screen"
    >> >> when the lid is closed.

    Xandros> Can you verify this with gconf-editor ?
    Xandros> /apps/gnome-power-manager/buttons/lid_ac and
    Xandros> /apps/gnome-power-manager/buttons/lid_battery
    Xandros> value should be "blank" in both cases.


    >> So I think the correct one is apps/gnome-screensaver|lock_enabled. Can
    >> you do the same on your system and see if checking/unchecking 'Lock
    >> screen when screensaver is active' also changes the
    >> 'apps/gnome-screensaver|lock_enabled'?

I don't think so.  I didn't figure out how to have both things open at
once, but it looked like when I went back and forth, what I'd set
before was still true after.

    Xandros> Laura, besides what NoOp suggested above, you can try to
    Xandros> change value of
    Xandros> /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/use_screensaver_settings

I tried.  I didn't fix my problem.

    Xandros> key and also search within gconf-editor for potential
    Xandros> xscreensaver "leftovers".

How would I do that?

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