Karmic screensaver asks for password

Laura Conrad lconrad at laymusic.org
Fri Nov 13 15:43:54 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Xandros" == Xandros Pilosa <folivora.pilosa at gmail.com> writes:

    >> I don't think so.  I didn't figure out how to have both things open at
    >> once, but it looked like when I went back and forth, what I'd set
    >> before was still true after.

    Xandros> As NoOp wrote, it should be the same: if you uncheck
    Xandros> 'Lock screen when screensaver is active' in sreensaver
    Xandros> dialogue, it should be unchecked in gconf-editor
    Xandros> apps/gnome-screensaver|lock_enabled. If this is not the
    Xandros> case, you may consider to file a bug.

I think it is the case.  It doesn't seem to affect whether I have to
enter a password after I close the lid.

    Xandros> Sorry for asking maybe stupid question : You did try to
    Xandros> uncheck those options in both programs (leave it blank in
    Xandros> both)?


    Xandros> key and also search within gconf-editor for potential
    Xandros> xscreensaver "leftovers".
    >> How would I do that?

    Xandros> In gconf-editor ctrl+F --> in the search box write
    Xandros> xscreensaver --> select both options offered. Then look
    Xandros> in keys it may find for relevant (lock or similar)
    Xandros> string.

It didn't find any keys.  Now that I know about that toy, I searched
for "lid" and didn't find anything useful that way, either.

    Xandros> You may consider also to reinstall xscreensaver and then
    Xandros> purge it (mark for complete removal, including config
    Xandros> files), if you did not it already.

I did, but it didn't make any difference.

I really think the xscreensaver thing is a red herring.  When I first
reported the problem, it was an xscreensaver dialog box, and a
subsidiary problem was that the xscreensaver configuration tool no
longer had the box for checking whether you wanted to lock the
screen.  Of course, if the system has hard-wired the answer, it's
better to not have the box.

But since I removed xscreensaver, the box is a gnome-screensaver box,
and the bug is that the lock screen entry in the gnome-screensaver
configuration box isn't having any effect.  I did a "ps auxww" from a
terminal while it was on screen this morning and my guess is that the
program that's asking me for my password is "gnome-screensaver-dialog

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