cifs mount not working after 9.10 upgrade

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Sun Nov 1 14:07:08 UTC 2009

> As you guessed, I use it under X and the directories are mounted using
> the standard tools from samba which are now incorporated in a.o.  
> nautilus.
> But just out of interest I tried to mount from the commandline and  
> found
> that mount.cifs has disappeared. I assume the developers in their
> infallible wisdom developed some other script (or changed the name)  
> but
> forgot to mention it. It would be nice if somewhere a notice had
> appeared that mount.cifs was depreciated just as the good old  
> mount.smb
> has been depreciated and replaced by mount.cifs (and also  
> mount.smbfs).
> I have a running Hardy and there mount.cifs and mount.smbfs are still
> available. What happened with it in Karmic I don't know. I have the
> impression that canonical is more and more trying to hide the real
> processes from the user and urges him to use the graphical layer only.
> It makes it more equal to commercial OSes like M$ OS and Apple  
> (which is
>  Unix based on I think BSD hidden under the apple look) but it makes
> life for normal(?) (more technical) users harder.
> Just my 0.02 €.

mount.cifs is still there in karmic. You just don't have it  

  > sudo apt-get install smbclient

I think ...


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