Python error interpretation

Hal Burgiss hal at
Sun Mar 15 22:42:03 UTC 2009

As a follow up for anyone following this, I just uninstalled +purged
every python related package I could find. There was some stuff left
in /usr/lib/python2*, so I manually wiped those.

As a side note there are some curious dependencies. Everytime I
uninstall python, I loose vim, postfix, mailx and mlocate (and I hope
that I found all of that kind of thing!).

I then started re-installing. This went well, no error messages, which
was promising. Before just re-installing some of this stuff would
generate those wierd error messages.

I then tried the same bzr checkout as before and got the same
steenkin' error! I noticed though that the checkout makes it through
a handful of files and always craps out at the exact same point, a
bash script. I started thinking this is odd that we get part way into
this and python complains about loading a module mid-stream. So I
removed that one file from bzr repository on the mother ship, did a
commit, wiped the previous checkout, and redid it. And it worked! Not
sure why but it went without error. So I am thinking maybe the
repository was ~corrupt this whole time and that's what started a
trail of headaches and not the python installtion on the offending
system. But then again, I did a checkout on a different 8.04
installation Friday, and had no trouble whatsoever. Curious. I am new
at bzr and I guess I could have done something really stupid somewhere
along the line.

Any thoughts?


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