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Sun Mar 15 22:33:17 UTC 2009

Hal Burgiss wrote:
> In theory. The history here is that this hardware would consistently
> crash during an 8.04 installation. For some reason, 6.06 worked. So to
> get 8.04 on it, we did a 6.0.6  install first, and then upgraded up to
> 8.04. I probably will be in the same boat again, and I might be right
> where I am now if Chris's suspicions are correct.

I would be very wary of having to do such a workaround. That isn't normal.

>> Kickstart/preseed installations, Cobbler, virtualization, LVM, cfengine,
>> and Subversion are all tools we use to automate system installation,
>> configuration management, and recovery.
> If I get bzr working, it will do about 90% of what I want on a new
> server, plus distribute updates to various other servers. I'll look at
> these other tools to see if they fit with our work flow. I toyed with
> svn for this, but just like bzr better. Setting up new servers is not
> something we do on a regular basis. We did maybe 3 last year.

We use Subversion to keep cfengine configuration files under revision
control. Substitute whatever version control system you prefer for
Subversion. It doesn't change the concept. A version control system is
only one part of the configuration management equation. Here is a
reference <>.

>> By the way, removing/installing Python may not solve your problem. You
> I realize there might be other system stuff broken effecting python.
>> should be able to run any number of versions of Python and Python
>> packages on your system, if you understand how to set PYTHONPATH. For
>> instance, sometimes we need to deploy a Django application with a
>> specific version of Django that is different than the global one that
>> we've deployed in site-packages. In that case, we just check out the
>> specific version of Django into some sensible place, like the directory
>> containing the Django application, and adjust PYTHONPATH accordingly.
>> Here is a real example of a shell script from one of our projects.
>> cilkay at saturn:~/projects/ccf$ cat
>> export
>> PYTHONPATH=/home/cilkay/projects/ccf/django_0.96.3:/home/cilkay/projects/ccf/:/home/cilkay/projects/ccf/lib/
> Any ideas on how I should set that for a default out of the box 8.04
> installation? I'll try almost anything now.

You don't have to set anything for a default installation, but you don't
have a default installation. You might want to read
<> and
to understand how Python searches for modules.

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