Half OT/ How to remove a virus on windows using Ubuntu

Ashley Benton chuaukantli at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 14:13:46 UTC 2009

Hi, I am using Ubuntu 8.10. One of my neighbors ask me to fix his computer
and I am stuck. The computer is Windows 2000 and doesn't work at all by
itself so I mounted his hard drive on my computer. From Ubuntu I tried a few
anti virus programs but the only things they do is find the viruses . Since
I don't know Windows I don't want just to delete the files or system. Is
there a program that I can use from Ubuntu to fix his Windows and get rid of
the viruses? I would have save the documents and reinstall his Windows but
there are no rescue cds or floppies and I am a little lost as I don't how I
can help him anymore.
Any help would be appreciated


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