Bas Roufs basroufs at
Tue Jun 30 16:08:57 UTC 2009

Dear Sambit, dear Everybody

> However I have heard that ASUS has stopped selling eeePCs
> pre-installed with Linux and all the models available now have
> windoze, atleast that's what my local reseller told me.

I am afraid, the info of your local reseller is correct. Here in The
Netherlands, I have been trying to find the Eee PC 1000, a nice model
with 40 GB solid state disk and preinstalled Linux. However, it is
simply impossible to find it here. Only the Windoze version is
available here. Additionally - take a quick look at this website:
Now, I see there only models with Windows. At several places at that
page, I have seen the following phrase:
"Asus recommends Windows R  for everyday computing".
(R: the R within a little circle, 'registered trademark'.)
At websites of Dell and some other computer manufacturers, you can see
similar messages. It witnesses a kind of monopolistic behaviour which
needs to be severely punished by the anti cartel authorities in
Europe, the USA and elsewhere.
It is nearly impossible to buy a computer or laptop without Windows.....

Respectfully yours,

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