Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at
Mon Jun 29 08:53:20 UTC 2009

My try:

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 07:57, Thomas<valhalla2100 at> wrote:
> -  Firewalls for Ubuntu
Open a console and type "sudo apt-get install gufw". Then go to menu
System → Administration → Firewall configuration. For tips, search for
"Uncomplicated Firewall".

> -  Anti-virus and anti-trojan programs
No need (yes, I dare to say so)

> -  Best email clients that don't include HTML codes in the e/m.
>   I like to save some of the e/m.  I attempted to do that with
>   the older version and they all had HTML code mixed in with
>   the text.  I tried different approaches.
I use Thunderbird and can save plain text emails as plain text.

> -  How to adjust the screen settings?
It depends on your version of Ubuntu in some extents, but going to
Sytem → Preferences → Screen settings should to it.

> -  The best reference sources of information on Ubuntu. I've
>    seen a couple of books at Barnes & Noble on Ubuntu.
I'll pass

> - Where to adjust the screen resolution?  The images on the
>  screen (type & graphics) are too small.  In Windows I right
>  button click and made adjustments in the pop-up window  The
>  plan text seems to be around 5 pt.
See above. For text size, go to menu Sytem → Preferences → Appearance
and mofify each text size individually.


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