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Jay Daniels wrote:
> Graham Todd wrote:
>> On Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:57:31 -0700
>> Thomas <valhalla2100 at> wrote:
>>> Are you sure that there is no need for anti-virus & trojans
>>> protections? I am now using Ubuntu because my other computer, which
>>> had the Comcast provided McAfee (sp) on it was hit.  Since that awful
>>> time I learned first from my neighbor that her computer was infected
>>> in the same week and learned of two others. One who was using Norton.
>> [snipped]
>> Most viruses and trojans are written for Windows systems.  You *could*
>> get a Windows virus on your computer and to avoid sending it to a
>> Windows user, you might think about installing something like ClamAV,
>> which is very efficient.  My wife uses the Windows version, ClamWin, on
>> her Windows box to great effect. But then you might take the view that
>> Windows users should look out for their own security.
>> It is theoretically possible for a Linux virus to be produced, but
>> AFAIK there are none "in the wild", and the way Linux  So the answer is
>> that there is no need for anti-virus software on your computer, but you
>> may choose to run it to assist other (Windows) users.
> All the major anti-virus companies have "Linux Virus" protection 
> available or in the pipe.
> jay

	Of course! They smell money. If they can lie and tell us how open we
are to attack ect., they can get Linux users buying $50.00 anti-virus
packages like Windows users must do every year. In the case of Windows
it IS important...

73 karl

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