Jay Daniels jaydanie at
Tue Jun 30 01:59:22 UTC 2009

Vincent Arnoux wrote:
> My try:
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 07:57, Thomas<valhalla2100 at> wrote:
>> -  Firewalls for Ubuntu
> Open a console and type "sudo apt-get install gufw". Then go to menu
> System → Administration → Firewall configuration. For tips, search for
> "Uncomplicated Firewall".
>> -  Anti-virus and anti-trojan programs
> No need (yes, I dare to say so)
>> -  Best email clients that don't include HTML codes in the e/m.
>>   I like to save some of the e/m.  I attempted to do that with
>>   the older version and they all had HTML code mixed in with
>>   the text.  I tried different approaches.
> I use Thunderbird and can save plain text emails as plain text.
>> -  How to adjust the screen settings?
> It depends on your version of Ubuntu in some extents, but going to
> Sytem → Preferences → Screen settings should to it.
>> -  The best reference sources of information on Ubuntu. I've
>>    seen a couple of books at Barnes & Noble on Ubuntu.
> I'll pass
>> - Where to adjust the screen resolution?  The images on the
>>  screen (type & graphics) are too small.  In Windows I right
>>  button click and made adjustments in the pop-up window  The
>>  plan text seems to be around 5 pt.
> See above. For text size, go to menu Sytem → Preferences → Appearance
> and mofify each text size individually.
> Vincent

Here's another problem message with fonts.  I have Thunderbird setup to
show only text (all messages converted to plain text).  Now how is this
message able to takeover my thunderbird font settings and make these
fonts appear huge!

Even as I reply to this message, my own reply fonts look huge too.

How I prevent this in Thunderbird?


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