Vista password and reinstalling Ubuntu

thomas smith valhalla2100 at
Sun Jun 21 20:50:40 UTC 2009

Hello Karl,

I like this idea.  Wow! Windows is not that secure if the mere
diconnecting the battery erases the password.

This is a good idea if it works.  I am thinking that this would be a
lot easier and quicker than the methods given to me to change
the password.  A very complex method.   

I would like to be able to copy to a disk the content of my e/m.  I
am clueless to the files' names and even location in the Ubuntu 

Once I get the files safe and secure it won't matter if I blow away
the current Ubuntu.  It fact, it would be better since I can then go
to the latest version.  

I think that I have a partition software program that would enable
me to create a separate partition as was suggested.  It might even
be possible to re-do partitions using the Windows OS tools.   

A few suggestions have include going to the command line level.  I
have to figure out how to do that if I need to get there.  As soon as
I get a new version I am going to research on-line to find out the
best reference book for Ubuntu.   

Thanks for this suggestion.  



On Sat, 2009-20-06 at 05:52 -0600, Karl F. Larsen wrote:

I seem to recall that if you disconnect the battery from your bios 
the windows password will die. Then you hook the battery back 
up and Vista will ask you for a new password. Hit Enter and you 
will have no password. Best.

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