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thomas smith wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for your very useful reply.  It is after 4 am so I am not going 
> to be able to read the other replies now.
> I am willing to get rid of Vista.  It can always be re-installed.  I do
> have the Vista disk.    I do have some e/m notes there but they are 
> old and useless because I can't access them.  I was told that the way 
> to get the password for Vista is to re-install it.  If I did re-install
> Vista 
> would that wipe out the data (only my e/m) that I've created in this
> Ubuntu environment?   I could live with that if it happens.
> It is likely that there will be a need to re-install Vista since most of
> the
> work that I am going to be doing for a long time on the other computer 
> (for safety reason not on the network) is with applications for Windows
> and I will have to FTP files.
> I am not sure how my decision to not have that computer networked
> will work out.  Since I have twice had problems, the last time was while
> using the Comcast supplied MacaFee (sp) software (several folks were
> hit by whatever during the same time).
> I will check out the other repository.
> The most important thing is would installing Vista wipe out this old
> version of Ubuntu and the files (now only e/m)?   
> Have not yet checked your list of links for reading but will Sunday.  I 
> assume that these include information on installing Ubuntu first
> (or re-installing for the entire disk, wiping out what there now).  
> By the way, I did select install on the entire disk and it did not work.
> After a couple of these I still ended up at the Windows boot manager
> screen and the only selection was the old version.
> My reason for trying the upgrade was due to instructions that stated
> I must go the in stages upgrade route to the next (8.xx) versions.  If
> I 
> could skip the in between steps and go from 7.x to 9.x I would do so.
> I think doing so would reduce the chances of problems.   
> I hope that your links's information will solve this problem and I am
> will read the other replies too.  I need to get beyond the installation 
> problem so I can tackle the very small type on the screen.  Its very
> difficult to read.
> Thank you (and others) for the replies to my questions.
> Thomas
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> On Fri, 2009-19-06 at 07:30 +0200, Nils Kassube wrote:
> I suppose on your machine is Ubuntu installed within Vista. Then 
> you probably need to know the Vista password to install a new 
> Ubuntu version. 
> OTOH, do you really want to keep Vista if you can't access it anyway? 
> You could install a newer Ubuntu version and use the entire disk for 
> Ubuntu. But backup your data first because that would erase Vista 
> and your current Ubuntu. Finally, if you want to upgrade your 7.x 
> version you should change your repository because both 7.x versions 
> are no longer supported and the repos are moved to another server. 
> See these pages for instructions: 
> <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades>
> <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades>
> <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades>
> Nils
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> thomas smith wrote:
> I am stuck using the old version (7.x), which was installed by
> the guy who put the computer together.  He installed VISTA,
> then Ubuntu.  I have installed version 8.10 several times but I
> am not able to access the new version.  It goes to the original
> boot screen where the old version and VISTA options are.
> How can I get to the newest version (8.10) and then upgrade
> to 9.xx?. I tried to upgrade from the Ubuntu site but only get
> error messages such as the files don't exist.

	I seem to recall that if you disconnect the battery from your bios the
windows password will die. Then you hook the battery back up and Vista
will ask you for a new password. Hit Enter and you will have no
password. Best.

73 Karl

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