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On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 7:20 PM, thirstyh2o <thirstyh2o at> wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Jun 2009 17:33:07 -0400, Verde Denim wrote:
> >> > I'm running 8.04 LTS server and have installed firestarter. I've read
> >> > through the persistence section of the documentation, and, while I
> >> > would like firestarter to start at init time, I don't like the
> >> idea
> >> > of adding myself to a sudoer for the purpose of running it after
> >> > login. Is there a way to add firestarter as a service without doing
> >> > this?
> Either I've not understood you correctly, or you misunderstood something
> in Firestarter documentation. As soon as you install Firestarter it
> starts as a service by default. You do not need to do anything about it.
> You can see it after the system start by executing in console:
> [ sudo /etc/init.d/firestarter status ]
> The output would be [ * Firestarter is running... ]
> A different thing if you want the Firestarter GUI front-end being started
> upon a system start. Then, yes, you do need to mingle with sudoers. And
> your are right it is a very bad idea. Do not do it.
> But would you, please, explain why do you need the Firestarter GUI front-
> end being run at each system restart?
> It is to be used only as a need arises to make changes to your
> Firestarter iptable scripts. Mostly, as soon as you setup your
> Firestarter firewall, you just forget about it. It runs silently at the
> background and does its job for you.
> From what you wrote I'm actually not quite sure you understood the
> difference between Firestarter firewall itself and its GUI front-end.
> Thirsty - Thanks for the reply. I'll give the status a shot on the next
reboot. I guess I got confused since when I opened Firestarter the 'Start
Firewall' button was available, leading me to assume that it was, in fact,
not running.
ck r
As far as I know, Firestarter is only a gui for iptables. I've already
written all the rules for iptables since I really wanted to know how they
worked under the hood. I'm only using it because I had given ufw/gufw a shot
and actually had some problems figuring out how ufw worked. The man page
wasn't as helpful as I would have liked, so I just put my uptables rules
back in play. I was curious about a couple of items in my home network, so I
installed firestarter to be able to see 'on the fly' what would happen under
different circumstances. My original iptables ruleset took a couple of weeks
and a lot of research to write, so I didn't want to gum that up, and I only
have two iptables files at the moment - its all or nothing. I'm still not
sure how to incrementally add these rules, or else I'd probably just stick
to the CLI and be done with it, although firestarter does give a convenient
way of watching the firewall and the small changes it allows as I make them.


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