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Mukerjee, Neiloy (Neil) neil.mukerjee at
Tue Jun 16 14:26:47 UTC 2009

What is a good resource for learning how to write service wrappers?
I am attempting to run multiple Tomcat containers (one with Tomcat 5.5 and another with Tomcat 6), but when I try and test my Tomcat 6 installation, Tomcat 5.5 is active. Having gone to the /etc/init.d/ and seen the tomcat5.5 file there, I believe my options are either to write a Tomcat 6 file from scratch or to copy the Tomcat 5.5 one, rename it, and adjust it as necessary. Not knowing which is easier (or if this is even the best method), I was wondering what some good resources are for learning about this sort of writing.
Thank you!
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