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Tue Jun 16 15:56:54 UTC 2009

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	I fooled around a lot and got the Beta version of Ubuntu onto my
computer in a directory called ubuntu-9.04. I used:

karl at karl-hardy:~/Desktop/ubuntu-9.04/cdrom0$ sudo cp -va /media/cdrom0

This worked in a strange way. Rsync put a directory /cdrom0 inside the
ubuntu-9.04 directory. Also the collection of things includes a sim link
to a file ubuntu that goes to  . and it mirrors what is on cdrom0.

	Well I have all the files off the CD-Rom and in a place where I can put
them other places. The plan is to add the 450 updates to the the Beta
collection but I have no guess how to do this. I do have it all here on
the computer.

	Has anyone ever done this?

73 Karl

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