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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 16:22:51 UTC 2009

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H.S. wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> H.S. wrote:
>>> People with Windows background: In Linux, rebooting is necessary when
>>> one wants to change the kernel being used. In almost all other
>>> circumstances, no rebooting is necessary, certainly not for installing
>>> and using the above mentioned two package.
>> 	Sorry but your law that you NEVER reboot Linux is in this case an
> Grow up.
>> error. You have to think to understand why. And actually do it to see.
>> 	At time one Thunderbird is up and running. You load GNUPGP and
>> Enigmail. Enigmail needs to modify Thunderbird a lot. It does so I think
>> by writing to thunderbird on the hard drive. It doesn't show up on
>> Thunderbird.
>> 	Yes I think you can delete Thunderbird and then start it again and it
>> will work. But to just reboot is easier.
> I don't think "delete" here means what you think it does. You have it
> all messed up and are spreading bad and senseless practices on this
> list. Rebooting as a solution for every little problem might have worked
> for you on Windows, but in Linux is it just not required all the time.
> For the unwary future reader who may not know that this Karl F. Larson's
> post should not be taken seriously: just installing Thunderbird (the
> mail client), GnuPG (and creating one's GnuPG keys; see google before
> you begin on how to use GnuPG) and then installing Enigmail (TB plugin
> for GnuPG) does *not* require a reboot to use them. Closing down TB and
> starting it again should suffice. For some GnuPG helper packages (should
> on choose to install them) a re-login is necessary.
> A user may just log off and log back in his desktop should he want to
> make some desktop or login changes to take effect.
> For an average Joe, the best thing to follow is to see if the "Reboot"
> icon shows up on the Panel on Ubuntu.
> And, yes, I do have TB, GnuPG and Enigmail and other GnuPG tools setup
> and running automatically on my system.

	Thank you for your vote to hang me. I think your way off base too. I do
turn my computer off at night.

73 Karl

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