Enigmail and PGP from GNU

Shannon McMackin smcmackin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 05:18:03 UTC 2009

On 06/14/2009 12:22 PM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
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> H.S. wrote:
>> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>> H.S. wrote:
>>>> People with Windows background: In Linux, rebooting is necessary when
>>>> one wants to change the kernel being used. In almost all other
>>>> circumstances, no rebooting is necessary, certainly not for installing
>>>> and using the above mentioned two package.
>>> 	Sorry but your law that you NEVER reboot Linux is in this case an
>> Grow up.
>>> error. You have to think to understand why. And actually do it to see.
>>> 	At time one Thunderbird is up and running. You load GNUPGP and
>>> Enigmail. Enigmail needs to modify Thunderbird a lot. It does so I think
>>> by writing to thunderbird on the hard drive. It doesn't show up on
>>> Thunderbird.
>>> 	Yes I think you can delete Thunderbird and then start it again and it
>>> will work. But to just reboot is easier.
>> I don't think "delete" here means what you think it does. You have it
>> all messed up and are spreading bad and senseless practices on this
>> list. Rebooting as a solution for every little problem might have worked
>> for you on Windows, but in Linux is it just not required all the time.
>> For the unwary future reader who may not know that this Karl F. Larson's
>> post should not be taken seriously: just installing Thunderbird (the
>> mail client), GnuPG (and creating one's GnuPG keys; see google before
>> you begin on how to use GnuPG) and then installing Enigmail (TB plugin
>> for GnuPG) does *not* require a reboot to use them. Closing down TB and
>> starting it again should suffice. For some GnuPG helper packages (should
>> on choose to install them) a re-login is necessary.
>> A user may just log off and log back in his desktop should he want to
>> make some desktop or login changes to take effect.
>> For an average Joe, the best thing to follow is to see if the "Reboot"
>> icon shows up on the Panel on Ubuntu.
>> And, yes, I do have TB, GnuPG and Enigmail and other GnuPG tools setup
>> and running automatically on my system.
> 	Thank you for your vote to hang me. I think your way off base too. I do
> turn my computer off at night.
> 73 Karl
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Some of these folks aren't trying or voting to hang you.  The reality is 
that many people enjoy linux for one of many simple reasons, you don't 
have to reboot the machine every time you install an application.  That 
is a windows practice.  To make sure it's done correctly, any time you 
add a feature or plug-in to an application, it's a "Best Practice" to 
shut down the app.  Much like on a system any configuration change may 
require a service to be restarted for it to take effect.

When linux 1st came out, machines took very long to boot.  This feature 
was very useful back then.  Now, machines boot so fast, it may not 
matter to you.  All we're trying to say is that you don't need to. 
Nobody called you an idiot until you started swearing and name-calling.

While I enjoy reading the details of your posts and the responses you 
receive, I must also request that you limit your posts to requests for 
assistance.  That's what this space is used for.  I spend too much time 
reading the tales of Karl because I'm drawn to them like my wife is 
drawn to a soap opera.  This is not your personal blog space, so please 
stop treating it as such...

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