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Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>> Downloading and installing packages works in a reasonable amount of
>> time, but reloading takes at least an hour, and synaptic completely
>> freazes up during that time.
>> Between each convert message there's like a 20 second delay. What they
>> hell is it doing?
> I suffer the same problem in 9.04 (never had a problem before, so this
> a massive regression).
> I filed a bug report about it over a month ago... nobody has even just
> acknoledged the bug... they are probably waiting for the launchpad
> robot to expire the bug automatically. That's an easy way to "fix"
> bugs, wait for Launchpad to delete the bug report and oh, problem gone !
> Arf arf... :-/
> If you add a comment to my bug report, maybe it will get the ball
> rolling...
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> Vince, long lost faith in bug reporting...
	I looked at your bug and they sent it to a lot of people. My guess is
that no-one understood the problem.

73 Karl

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