Online connection turtle-slow

NoOp glgxg at
Sun Jan 25 03:37:01 UTC 2009

On 01/24/2009 11:33 AM, Preston Kutzner wrote:
> On Jan 24, 2009, at 9:52 AM, Jim Kvarnberg wrote:
>> When I clicked "online banking" in my bank website or some other  
>> places
>> that require my login ID and password before I could open them, it  
>> took
>> 'forever' to open them.  I got tired of staring at a mouse point icon
>> wheel going round and round for a long time.  I fed up and went  
>> across a
>> room to my laptop computer with wireless connection (its OS is Windows
>> XP) to open the connection to the same places ... bingo they opened up
>> real fast, beating the Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 operated computer.  What was
>> wrong?  Any suggestion for solving the problem?  It will be
>> appreciated.  Thank you.  Jim
>> PS I want to stick to using the Ubuntu system.
> There are several things that might be causing the problem.  First, I  
> assume you were using Firefox on the Ubuntu machine, but you didn't  
> mention which web browser you used on the Windows machine.  It is  
> possible that your bank's website only works in IE.  It's also  
> possible that the site's scripting might not be supported by Ubuntu's  
> default javascript installation (which, incidentally, isn't Sun's  
> java).  You might try installing the sun-java6-jre package in Ubuntu  
> and trying again.  If your bank's site only supports IE, you can try  
> installing the ies4linux package (which you'll have to hunt down on  
> the "Internets").

Java has nothing to do with javascript:

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